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“A Prayer to the People of Gaza” by His Eminence Metropolitan George (Khodr)

"O Jesus Christ, O King of Peace, our people in Gaza doth yearn for Thy abundant mercy. Take their children in Thine hands and extend Thy care to all their people. Wipe away every tear from their eyes, replacing sorrow with joy. O Lord, Thou who consolest every heart, place Thy Spirit in the troubled hearts, so they may find comfort in Thee and Thy compassion. Be a source of rest for the wounded and a healing balm. Ease their pains and deliver them from all fear. Take their burdens upon Thy shoulders and have mercy on those who have gone to Thee. O God, cleanse their land from all defilement, and greed. Feed the people of the city with all they need, and let them not know death, oppression, or injustice, for in Thee, there is only justice and life. Pour out upon all nations a sense of Gaza's suffering and a spirit of solidarity with them, striving for peace. These are Thy children, all of them. Do not allow them to be displaced or struck again, so that we may live with them as brothers, building ourselves and the world with the spirit of forgiveness and tolerance. Protect Thy Church there and shield it from torment. Put an end to this tragic ordeal, and encourage peace-loving nations to rebuild the city anew. Accept the prayers of the ancient Gazan saints who enriched the Church with deep spirituality and golden words. O God, end this war, for Thy people have grown weary. Embrace, O Lord, this martyred city until it glorifies Thee, and we glorify Thee with it as we stand in solidarity. To Thee be honor, worship, and glory, together with Thy Father and Thy Holy Spirit. Amen."

Prayer from the Akathist to the Myrrh-streaming Icon of the Mother of God – “Softener of Evil Hearts”

Who shall not call thee blessed, O Virgin full of grace! Who shall not hymn thy loving-kindness toward the race of men! We pray unto thee, we beseech thee: Leave us not to perish in misfortunes; melt our hearts with love, send thine arrow to our enemies, so that love may wound our hearts with peace toward those who persecute us. Even as the world hateth us, do thou extend thy love toward us, and even as the world persecuteth us, do thou accept us and grant us the God-given power of patience to endure without complaint the temptations encountered in this world. O Mistress! Soften the hearts of wicked men who rise up against us, lest their hearts should perish in iniquity, but, O Full of Grace, do thou entreat thy Son and our God to visit their hearts with peace, so that the devil, the father of evil, may be put to shame. And we, singing thy loving-kindness toward us, lowly and vile as we are, shall hymn thee, O most wondrous Mistress, O Virgin full of grace: Hearken unto us in this hour, as our hearts are heavy, guard us with peace and love toward one another and toward our enemies, eradicate every wickedness and hostility that we have, as we sing to thee and to thy Son, our Lord Jesus Christ: Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

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